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Be Polite - If you can't be respectful of other members, at least be courteous. Two wrongs don't make a right.
Use Search - It's your friend, and it's in the upper-right corner of the forum.
Use the Report Feature - If you see a rule violation, this lets the staff know to look at the thread/post and determine the best action.
Stay on Topic - Don't derail threads with your own conversation.
Think Before you Post - Sensible, well-thought-out, legible posts are easier to understand.

Spam - TL;DR, +/-1, one word responses, memes, imageposts, doubleposts, etc.
Post Redundant Threads - Be aware of other threads in the forum, and don't duplicate (see "Use Seach" above).
Bump Threads - Do not bump your own threads to get more replies or older threads that have dropped off unless there is significant new - - - - information to add. Necrothreadia is preventable disease: let the dead lie.
Post ban lists - This can lead to innocent people being banned from the servers.
Troll/Flame - See "Be Polite" above. Insulting and baiting will not be tolerated.
Create Multiple Accounts - If you have a good reason for having a clone account, contact a staff member first.
Advertise - You can have a link to your personal (non-commercial) site in your signature, but links promoting outside websites or merchandise will be removed.

Post Illegal Activity: 
- Anything referring to Minecraft hacks;
- Any link or reference to third-party clients or game interfaces;
- Any material that is the work of another individual but is being represented as original. Permission must be obtained from the original creator, and due credit must be given, before including any element of that creator's work.

- Swearing at a member; while there is no rule against swearing here, use of it against another member is a different story;
- Any offensive, anime waifu is fine, pornographic, or obscene material;
- Overt sexually loaded comments or content;
- Discrimination against the age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or sexual orientation of another member.

- The use of slurs of any kind;
- Derogatory statements about social groups, including but not limited to age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or sexuality;
- Promoting or expressing support for hate groups and terrorist organizations;
- Posting messages deliberately to offend or upset members of a social group (For example, posting images of Muhammed in a thread full of Muslims)

- Posting or linking to anything relating to the pirating, or copying, of any software game title, especially Minecraft.
- Posting or linking to any content malicious to computer hardware or software, such as viruses.
- Any content that violates another person's privacy.
- Evading a Temporary Ban - If you're sent on a vacation for a bit, accept it and wait.
- Excessive or repeated violations of any of the above infractions - Learn your lesson or else.


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